1303, 2017

Updated FAQs

Mdeon took advantage of the redesign of its website to also update its FAQ's. The latter have been supplemented and amended according to the case law of the Visa Office and developments on the ground. [...]

1801, 2017

Indirect sponsorship: joint introduction of a visa application

More and more pharmaceutical or medical devices companies are sponsoring the participation of healthcare professionals in scientific events not directly, but through healthcare organisations (hospitals, scientific associations). This is commonly referred to as "indirect sponsorship" of scientific [...]

1805, 2016

Justificative flight and registration

Since a few months, it is necessary to attach to your V1 visa applications some justificatives, as printscreen. We noticed that in some specific situations companies have difficulties to obtain this printscreen, reason why we communicate [...]

2808, 2015

Justificatif flight ticket and registration’s fee

The visa application form (V1) will soon be amended to be brought into line with the new Article 18.2.a) of the Mdeon Code of Ethics. Specifically, you will be required to attach a justificatif if [...]

1010, 2014

Maximum amount meals

The Mdeon Visa Office changes its caselaw concerning the maximum amount applicable to the dinners. For the dinners offered as of January 1st, 2015, a maximum amount of 80 EUR per person will be applied. [...]