If your visa application is refused, the Visa office sends you a detailed decision with the reasons for refusal.

What can you undertake after a refusal?


Each application that was submitted on time but that has been refused can be reintroduced after changing the elements leading to the refusal. In that case you need to follow the same procedure as for the first introduction, with an exception for the introduction’s deadline which is then of at least 6 working days prior to the first day of the scientific event.

If the application is rejected because of late submission, it is not possible to resubmit using the reduced time limit of 6 working days. In this case, the urgency procedure can still be invoked, provided that a submission period of at least 2 working days prior to the first day of the scientific event is respected (click here for more information).

In accordance with article 31.3 of the Code of Ethics, payment must be submitted at the moment the Visa request is made regardless of whether the visa is eventually granted or not. These payments are not refundable.


Each refused decision can be appealed at the Chamber of appeal of the Visa office.

Please be careful, the Chamber of appeal evaluates the visa application as it was submitted originally by the applicant. The applicant can possibly add additional information to support his/her original request but cannot change it under any circumstance. If the applicant wishes to alter his/her original request, he/she needs to submit a new visa application.

In accordance with article 21 of the Code of Ethics, the appeal has to be introduced in writing at the latest the 5th working day following the day of receipt of the decision. This appeal have to be sent to Mdeon – Secretariat of the Visa office by registered mail. The date of the postmark will serve as proof of date of mailing.

The Chamber of appeal will also send you its decision in a delay of 5 working days.

Accept the refusal

In this case there cannot be any sponsorship, which does not mean that healthcare professionals cannot participate in or organise the scientific event, but they will have to bear the expenses themselves.