Mdeon developed an interesting tool allowing two different people to work on the same visa application:

  • the first person, called the ‘contact person’, who prepares the visa application and encloses all the necessary annexes,
  • the second person, called the ‘manager’ or also ‘person responsible for sending applications’, who verifies the application before sending it to Mdeon.

This tool is used in the two following situations:

1) Pharmaceutical / medical device companies where two different people prepare the visa application

It may happen that in the same company two different people work on the same visa application. In this case, the visa application

  • is prepared by one particular person, who Mdeon calls the ‘contact person’,  and then
  • checked and submitted by another person, who Mdeon calls the ‘manager’ .

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2) Indirect sponsorship of scientific events

Some companies whish to sponsor the participation of healthcare professionals to scientific events indirectly, namely through a healthcare organisation (hospital, scientific association). Those companies want the healthcare organisation to choose which healthcare professionals will benefit from the sponsorship.

If it concerns a sponsorship of participation to an event that takes place over several consecutive calendar days (including hospitality) (see FAQ 3), this indirect sponsorship is subjet to the visa obligation: see our brochure in this regard.

In this case, who submits the visa application: the company or the healthcare organisation?
You have the choice:

  • the company can (continue to) submit the visa application itself, as the names of the invited healthcare professionals do not have to be mentioned in the visa application. The healthcare organisation will however have to provide the company with the necessary information to introduce the file.
  • or the visa application is submitted jointly by both the healthcare organisation and the company: the healthcare organisation completes the visa application, encloses the necessary annexes and sends it to the company who checks it, pays for it and introduces it. To find out how to apply for a visa jointly, consult our operating instructions.

Also in case of indirect sponsorship of healthcare professionals, companies must have all supporting documents and proofs of payment in order to be able to communicate them to the inspectors of the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products at any time during an inspection.