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  • Check the Contact Page to know when you can reach us by phone. 
  • The sponsoring of a healthcare professional for his/her participation in a scientific event is and remains permitted in Belgium. Click here for more information (FAQ 0).
  • Also the invitation to and paying for participation in a VIRTUAL scientific event that takes place over several consecutive calendar days, including the hospitality associated with it, is subject to the visa obligation. Click here for more information.
  • Maximum travel allowance (1/7/21 – 30/6/22): 0,37€ / km.

Important news

1610, 2020

New: Urgency procedure for submitting a visa application

We are pleased to present you our new urgency procedure. It may have already happened to you that -for any reason- you were unable to submit a visa application (V1 or V2) in time. This can be very unpleasant. To [...]

1509, 2020

New tools for organizers of a scientific manifestation: Checklist V2 + Information sessions

Mdeon offers two new tools for organizers of scientific manifestations: 1. Checklist Visa Application V2: this checklist helps you complete a V2 visa application. It provides section by section of the visa application V2 “tips & tricks” to ensure that you [...]

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