You will find below the different types of information sessions that we organize. They are given in French, Dutch and/or English; the slides are in English. The participation price is € 100 per person (VAT not included). Each session requires about 1h30 of time. You can choose between a physical or virtual participation. Physical meetings take place in the offices of Mdeon, Belgicastraat 1, 1930 Zaventem. For virtual sessions, you will receive a participation link after registration and payment.

It is necessary to register to participate. Please send an e-mail to The agenda of the sessions is given below.

Mdeon in Theory

Mdeon in Theory  is a theoretical session consisting of a global presentation of the platform and the applicable legal rules. The session is aiming at giving an answer to the numerous questions you have concerning Mdeon. The meeting is open for everybody.

Here is the agenda of the following sessions:

Physical participation Virtual participation
8 September 2020 22 September 2020
6 October 2020 20 October 2020
3 November 2020 17 November 2020
1 December 2020 15 December 2020

Mdeon into Practice

Mdeon into Practice is a technico-practical training for the persons responsible for applying for visas. The training consists of browsing a visa application form from A to Z and explain how to complete it to obtain a visa without difficulty.

Here is the agenda of the following sessions:

Physical participation Virtual participation
29 September 2020 15 September 2020
27 October 2020 13 October 2020
24 November 2020 10 November 2020
22 December 2020 8 December 2020


Mdeon@YourCompany is an infosession especially created for the industry, to come in contact with the sales teams, the management, the compliance officers, or other people directly concerned with the sponsorship of healthcare professionals. This session only takes place in Belgium.

Only by appointment.


Mdeon@YourPractice is an infosession especially created for the healthcare professionals. Mdeon proposes to meet them during the General Assembly of their association or another meeting grouping several healthcare professionals.

Only by appointment.