If you have received a visa number, you have to submit a new visa application if your project of sponsorship undergoes a substantial modification between the moment of submitting the visa application and the beginning of the scientific event (art. 22.1 of the Code of Ethics).

In this case a new visa application may be submitted at the latest the 6th working day prior to the day the event starts (art. 17.4 of the Code of Ethics).

In general is considered as substantial every modification of which we can reasonably presume that the Visa office should take it into consideration in order to take a decision with full knowledge of the case.

Here are a few examples a substantial modifications, not limitative:

V1 – Sponsorship of participants

  • the main transport (train/flight) cost increases by 50% or more or the transport class changes
  • the number of sponsored participants
    • increases by more than 3 persons (when you have already obtained a visa number for at least 4 persons)
    • at least doubles (when you’ve already obtained a visa number for 1 to 3 persons)
    • increases (independent of the number) and the offered sponsorship is different for the additional participant(s)
  • the sponsorship is extended to costs other than those mentioned in the original visa application (addition of transport costs, costs for overnights,…)
  • the hours of arrival or departure alter in an important way (see case by case) if the company sponsors the transport costs, even when the change in hours has no impact on the transport cost
  • the scientific program alters
  • the company sponsors one or more overnights extra
  • the location of the scientific event alters
  • the dates of the scientific event alter and this altering has an impact on the sponsoring
  • in case of a grouped visa application concerning several identical events, an increase of the amount of times the event will take place

V2 – Sponsorship of the organiser

  • substantial modification of the budget:
    • additional sponsor(s)*
    • extra costs in the budget (e.g. addition of a social activity)
    • etc.
  • alteration of the scientific program
  • alteration of the location of the event
  • the dates of the scientific event alter and this altering has an impact on the sponsoring.

* (!) The grouped visa number obtained by the organiser covers only the companies mentioned in the visa application and afterwards in the decision. If one or more sponsors present themselves later their sponsorship will have to be subject to a new visa application (substantial modification). This application can be submitted by the organiser as well as by the company itself. In this last situation, the file number of the organiser has to be mentioned in the visa application in order to allow the Visa Office to link the different applications.