Mdeon offers two new tools for organizers of scientific manifestations:

1. Checklist Visa Application V2: this checklist helps you complete a V2 visa application. It provides section by section of the visa application V2 “tips & tricks” to ensure that you do not forget anything. In addition, the corresponding FAQ number is always mentioned, so that in case of doubt you know where to find more information.

You will find the checklist by clicking here: NLFREN.

2. Information session Visa Application V2: From now on Mdeon also organizes monthly an information session “Mdeon V2 into Practice”. This is a technico-practical training for the persons responsible for applying for visas V2. The training consists of browsing a visa application form from A to Z and explain how to complete it to obtain a visa without difficulty.

For more information, click here: NLFREN.