More and more pharmaceutical or medical devices companies are sponsoring the participation of healthcare professionals in scientific events not directly, but through healthcare organisations (hospitals, scientific associations). This is commonly referred to as “indirect sponsorship” of scientific events (or sometimes “educational grant”). This new form of sponsorship is a choice made by the companies concerned and is by no means a legal obligation. Many companies continue to sponsor healthcare professionals directly, without going through an intermediary (organization of the healthcare sector).

The objective of this communication is to remind that the visa requirement under Article 10 of the Law of 25 March 1964 on medicinal products applies in an undifferentiated way to direct sponsorship and indirect sponsorship of the participation of healthcare professionals to scientific events (taking place over several consecutive calendar days, including hospitality).

If the company sponsors through an intermediary, the introduction of the visa application will nevertheless need to be adapted. The visa application is indeed then introduced jointly by the healthcare organisation and the company: the healthcare organisation completes the visa application and appends the necessary annexes and then sends the application to the company who checks it, pays it and introduces it.

We have prepared an information brochure and a communication to explain the above in detail. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions hereabout.