The visa application form (V1) will soon be amended to be brought into line with the new Article 18.2.a) of the Mdeon Code of Ethics.

Specifically, you will be required to attach a justificatif if you sponsor a flight ticket or the registration’s fee to a congress:

  1. Flight ticket: attach a justificatif of the cost and the class of the chosen flight ticket. It can be a prinstcreen from the internet or a document from the computer program of the travel agency you work with (not an email). On this document must clearly appear the cost of the plane ticket and the class (and if possible the flexible nature of the ticket or not). We do not expect of course a copy of a definitive reservation since you book the tickets after reception of the Mdeon visa.

The objective of this justificatif is to avoid that your application is refused for example on the grounds that the cost of the flight ticket corresponds to a business class ticket, while – despite its high cost – you have chosen a ticket in economy class.

  1. Registration’s fee: attach a justificatif of what is included in the registration’s fee (lunch, dinner, social activity, etc.) and of its amount. We are here only talking about the scientific events organised by (associations of) healthcare professionals and not about events your company would organise. The document to be attached can be a printscreen from the conference website. In the absence of information on the conference website, attach e.g. an email of the organizer describing what the registration’s fee covers. If it is mentioned that the registration gives access to a “Networking event” or “Social evening”, ask the organizers to clarify what this event is (simple dinner, show, social event or other).

The objective of this justificatif is to avoid that your application is refused, for example, on the grounds that some meals you want to offer are already included in the registration.

I draw your attention to the fact that these annexes are mandatory, just as for example the scientific program. The Visa Office will therefore be forced to declare your file incomplete if one of these annexes is missing.
Let’s make clear that if you do not offer registration’s fee to the congress or do not pay for a flight ticket, those annexes do not have of course to be joined.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions in this regard.